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As for how it affected his life, it completely changed its course.

Without this migration he would never have met Marys mother and neither she, Sarahs mother, or Sarah herself would have existed.

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For some time, probably indefinitely, I will continue to be involved in the process as Peter learns how to use the Microsoft and Amazon technology that goes into this production, but for the newsletter my role should reduce to writing From the Developer and sometimes book reviews.We had a call from one of our grandchildren whos in year 9 3rd Form in the old money who is doing a Social Studies project that is focussing on immigration.The class were asked to find an ancestor who immigrated to New Zealand, find out when and how they came to NZ, and why, how it affected their life, and who else was affected by this.Next we moved on to the This graveyard is much bigger than the other one.Once again I found the grave within five minutes and it was almost manicured in appearance.

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